Sunday, June 14, 2009


Abidjan [Ab-i-jaan]. Paris of West Africa. Felix Houphouet Boigny and his International Airport. The Welcome. Downtown Bietry. Zone 4. Havana Cafe. The Harleys and saturday night fever. Kick Lebanese ass at pool. Sometimes :) Che Cafe and its Margheritas. Joqyeux Anniversaire! La Prive. Dance your body. Dance everybody make it hot! La Salsa and La Corona and its loyal customers. DD vs. Tandy Randy! Arpan bhai! No! 500 franc ice-cream delights. Yes! Rue de Marseilles. The Rue de Lebanais! The late evening quiet sheeshah with oodles of candy :) The marches and all-male shopping sprees! Trechville. Allah ho Akbar. The Bridge over troubled waters. Bon soir mon ami. Pardonner moi s'il vous plait j'ai taravail jusqua maitenant avec mon patron. Murcy! Hahaha! Come Plateaux. la creme de la creme. Bureau du this and bureau du that. Olam vs. Outspan. Cocody. Sunday cricket and on-field violence. Vallon, Duex Mille Six. Bienvenue. Residence Saay, Deux Mille Neuf. Au revoir. Abidjan. Paris of West Africa.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Daukro - Hotel de la Paix

Daukro. Sometime in May 2007. Beide's home town that was planned on the lines of another Yamassoukro, but those plans went awry with the tumult that is Cote d'Ivoire's politics. Yet, it remains a place for the current President and his comrades to hold quiet indoor meetings - mostly at this Hotel de la Paix. A beautiful campus, probably the only one of its kind in the adminstrative zone of N'zi Comoe, it offers the peaceful environs to both high-heeled officials and innocent travelers alike. A nice bar, live band by the poolside on Saturday nights, well endowed rooms and a classic petit dejeneur to boot, Hotel de la Paix is a must visit if your journey ever crosses Daukro's pristine environs :)