Sunday, April 27, 2008

And the Winner is... :)

This House Believes That the Sedan's ride is superior to that of the SUV, esp in and around Abidjan. Case closed. The Corolla wins the honours :) For true driving pleasure.
On one of many getaways to Assinie plage, skies almost dark grey at 11 a.m and a chill in the air, us loaded with pepperoni chips and Mars minis and off on a 100 km drive - beach or lagoon? With time on our hands, going for some beach fun seems possible. Some chilled beer makes a perfect setting, but the first 10 km or so need to keep an eye out for speed guns. Yeah, don't break the rules, esp if the price could be parting with precious beer :) Otherwise, just soak in the smooth ride... hawkers selling knick knacks, some woodwork and articrafts towards bassam could catch your eye, but after that just coast along... See you at Assinie :)


PCube said...

Interesting name, "Assinie". One 'N' makes all the difference :P

Samir Kapur said...

No dude! The pajero wins hands down!
Kya Corolla Corolla karta rehta hai!
Chotu Singhal!